Effective March 1, 2019, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida partners with AIM Specialty Health®, an independent company, to administer radiology solutions for our customers.

To initiate radiology precertification, go to your local Blue Plan's provider portal to initiate Pre-Service Review (Electronic Provider Access) for these services for out-of-area members. Contact your local Blue Plan for more information on how to access this functionality in your local provider portal. To initiate precertification via telephone, call 1-866-803-8002

Third Party Disclaimer

You are about to leave Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida's website and enter a website operated by AIM Specialty Health (AIM). AIM is our business associate and is an independent company that provides diagnostic testing, information and services. AIM has agreed to follow Blue Cross' privacy and security policies regarding the confidentiality and protection of your personal health information.

To continue to the AIM Specialty Health website, click "Accept" below the policy type you wish to view.

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AIM Radiology CPT Codes Requiring Precertification 

Worksheets and Checklists to Obtain Precertification

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Previous Imaging Policies

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