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Voluntary Site of Service


The Voluntary Site of Service policy is part of the Provider-Administered Drug Review Program. The primary objective of the Voluntary Site of Service program is to guide the administration of select drug infusions to the most economic and clinically appropriate place of treatment: 

  • Patients receiving ongoing medical specialty drug infusions in an outpatient facility or infusion site are eligible to transition the administration of their infusions to a
    home setting
  • The patient and provider must agree to transition care to the alternate setting. 
  • The physician must approve the use of the alternative place of treatment as clinically appropriate for the patient's infusion. 
  • All drugs included require precertification through Magellan Rx. 
  • When required, the home infusion provider will obtain all necessary nursing precertifications as specified by the patient's benefits.

Note: Coverage is subject to the member's specific benefits. Group-specific benefits will supersede these policies when applicable. Always check eligibility and benefits through your local Blue Plan provider portal or your practice management system to confirm member-specific benefits.

Review the policy below for full details.

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PH-9001 Voluntary Site of Service Management Policy